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U.S.A. Headquarters
Phone: 1.800.999.1700  |  1.610.459.1000
Fax : 1.610.459.2579

U.S.A. West Coast Office
Phone : 1.800.440.0597
Fax : 1.714.632.7945

European Headquarters
Phone : + 33 (0)3 20 68 30 35
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 68 07 05

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The Plastics People Est. 1951Westlake Plastics began fabricating plastics components 60 years ago in the Pennsylvania valley where 175 years before General Washington and the Continental Army retreated to Philadelphia after a stunning defeat at the Battle of the Brandywine. It is with this same sense of history and reverence for past challenges that Westlake Plastics continues to operate in Lenni and Mayfield, Pennsylvania.

In 2010 Westlake Plastics completed the acquisition of Westlake United and now the Lenni extrusion and Mayfield compression molding facilities act in a synergy to fulfill customer's needs across a wide range of products and materials.

Westlake Plastics continues as a world leader in extrusion and compression molding technologies of High Performance and Medical thermoplastics. Our advanced technologies allow the conversion of a full range of thermoplastics into stock shapes and film. Our highly trained sales and product teams stand ready to assist customers with an extensive product line to meet their needs.

As an early leader of the movement to the use of thermoplastics into the life sciences Westlake Plastics continues to offer and expand a full line of USP Class 6 and FDA regulatory compliant products. Similarly Westlake offers an Industrial product line of rod, slab film and sheet products that have been a workhorse of the semi-conductor, chemical process, military and aerospace industries.

As an ISO-9001 registered company Westlake prides itself on a long history of providing high quality product to the stock shape marketplace. We continue to improve our ISO quality management process which is the core template of how we manage all aspects of our business. From product quality to service levels and business metrics we are driving continuous improvement everyday. We value customer feedback to help us achieve industry best practices.

As we move into the future we look forward to helping our customers solve the challenges that allow for prosperity and success with integrity.

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