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Welcome to Stonehaven, Westlake Plastics Company's new conference center.
More than 200 years ago, Swedish immigrant, prosperous entrepreneur, and prominent man of the community, John Lungren, began making paper in a mill nestled among the hills, curving roads and creeks that amble through what is now Chester County, PA. In 1799, he used local stone and elegant hardwood to fashion his home, Stonehaven mansion, a local treasure and current home of Westlake Plastics Company.

Throughout the centuries, the mill, in what is now Lenni, named for the Lenni Lenape Indians, expanded and responded to the needs of the economy by producing cotton ticking fabric and yarn before, during and after the the Civil War. Nearly 100 years later, Westlake Plastics Company was formed and occupied one of the Lenni Mills. Continuing to respond to current need, some of the early products were handle bags for Proctor and Gamble to give away samples of a new product Cheer, Hula Hoops, diaper bags, and various bags for explosives for the U.S. military.

Two hundred years is a long time for a company to impact a community. A man leaves his mark on the world by the things he creates and the people whose lives he touches. John Lungren created an industrial complex and a structure that has remained a pillar of strength for almost 200 years. Now, it is Westlake Plastics Company's strength that is continuing, through our employees and the products we manufacture, into the new millennium. Westlake Plastics Company, its employees and their success have enabled Stonehaven to come back to life and to leave a mark on the industrial world.

“Respect the past while reaching for the future” Carroll R. Westlake, August, 1997

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